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With a range of Premium artificial grass, we can suit anyone’s specific requirements

Elite Artificial Grass 40mm

This is very dense and luxurious grass combining of a mixture of light and dark green micro nerve yarns with field-jute running through. The micro nerve technology fibres give great resilience and less glare to give you a natural look of grass which is still comfortable and soft underfoot.

Ultimate Grass 40mm

This remarkable artificial turf is skilfully crafted using top-notch German yarns that come in a variety of distinct colours, resulting in a highly authentic and lifelike appearance. By incorporating multi-directional weaving techniques, this grass stands out as one of the most realistic options available in the market.

Immense Grass 35mm

Crafted using premium German yarns that possess superior quality, this artificial grass is designed to mimic the most authentic appearance available in the market. It is skillfully woven with a variety of exquisite colours, ensuring a multidimensional and lifelike look.

Lush Artificial Grass 50mm

This grass is extremely dense and heavy with high-quality yarns with a 5/8 gauge which gives this grass a luxurious dense feel with a natural look. European manufactured with a 7 year UV warranty.

Majestic Artificial Grass 35mm

This grass has straight polyethylene and curled polypropylene micro-nerve fibres with two tones of green and a mixture of two brown thatched curly fibres running through to give it a natural grass look. It is both dense and soft underfoot.

Advance Artificial Grass 40mm

This grass has a mixture of lighter and darker tones of green S-shaped yarns with a light cream field-jute thatch running through which adds to a realistic look. It is a very opulent grass but still very resilient.

Nirvana Grass 35mm

Crafted from premium German yarns, this superior quality product is designed to elevate the allure of any outdoor space. Sporting a moderate pile height, this grass promises to rejuvenate your garden.

Leisure Grass 32mm

This exceptional artificial grass is skillfully crafted with premium German yarns that possess multiple orientations, resulting in an incredibly lifelike appearance. Through the use of distinct colours, this turf stands out as one of the most authentic options available in the market.

Delight Artificial Grass 40mm

A softer pile with a mix of light and dark-coloured S-shaped yarns with a light cream field-jute thatch running through to give a realistic look.

Ultra Artificial Grass 30mm

This premium European yarn is exceptionally resilient, ensuring top-notch quality. Its multi-directional fibers set it apart as one of the finest 30mm products available in the market.
This is a multi-directional grass with allows the blades to spread in all directions which gives a great look from all angles. It has a different tone of green giving it a very realistic look from all angles.

Harmony Artificial Grass 30mm

A much shorter pile height but still very realistic made using a mixture of light and dark green C-shaped yarns and a filed-jute thatch to add to the realistic look. This is extremely hard wearing whilst still being comfortable and soft underfoot.