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Looking for that perfect lawn, without all the hassle, time, and constant maintenance? Do you want a lawn that simply looks stunning no matter what the weather, season or amount of use? Here at Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge, we create perfect lawns for your front or back garden, complementing your property and providing a beautiful space to relax, play, and enjoy all year round.

Stunning lawns, without the hard work

We’ve invested heavily in our range of synthetic grasses to ensure that every blade mimics the characteristics of a real blade of grass and each lawn looks almost indistinguishable from a pristine palatial lawn. The range of artificial grass Cambridge residents can choose from is varied, all designed with different styles and uses in mind, and all backed by a 10-year UV warranty. With basic care, your hardwearing, premium artificial grass lawn will remain looking pristine for up to 25 years.

Our Cambridge artificial grass range

– PAG Amazon – Great for lawns and available in four different colours

– PAG Supreme – Soft, dese and ideal for lawns, pathways, roof gardens and play areas

– PAG Deluxe 35 – An all-season lawn that’s perfect for homes with dogs and cats

– PAG Galaxy – Great for roof terraces, patios and children’s play areas

– All backed by our premium geotextile membrane that’s strong, breathable, and will last the lifetime of the grass.

It’s a range of artificial grass Cambridge is going crazy for, so whether you’re looking to reduce garden maintenance, create a space for your kids, or just want a beautiful lawn all year round, enquire with us and we’ll create the lawn of your dreams.

Will I have to maintain my artificial grass?

Like anything you value, artificial grass needs a little care every now and again to keep it looking pristine. In Autumn it’s always a good idea to remove any leaves that blow onto the lawn as they create the perfect conditions for moss growth. In Spring and Summer, a simple brush now and again will stop the fibres from flattening and keep your lawn looking perfect.

Beyond that, pulling the odd weed that manages to take hold and sanitising any pet usage areas is about as high-maintenance as it gets. At Premium Artificial Grass Cambridge, we offer a range of maintenance packages, including power washes, sand infills, power brushing and additional weed control. To find out more about these and to discover which lawn is right for your property, call us now on 01438 21587 or enquire online.

Justin Brown

Justin is one of the co founders of Premium Artificial Grass and has been in the industry since 1994 and now one of the leading UK recognised industry experts in artificial grass in the uk